We do things
that make sense.

There is no question whether brands,
institutions and public figures should be
socially engaged anymore.

The only question that remains is how.


Mobilizing important decision-making. Engaging people around democratic values. Organizing campaigns and spectacles that inspire involvement. We awaken hope, fear, laughter, and love.


Helping navigate the social and political reality. Securing smooth transfer through the times of change. Asking insightful questions and seeking far-reaching answers. We combine strategic thinking, strictness of academic research and years of experience.

Our fields of expertise


We counsel brands, institutions and public figures on social and political subjects

Social Media Activism

We ignite engagement and emotions by operating at the junction of online and offline worlds

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help business make real social change


We create stories that people want to read, watch and listen to

Data Lab

We develop tools based on big data and conduct social research

Our projects

Wolna Szkoła

We have built from scratch a social movement against minister Czarnek’s education reform for a coalition of educational organizations. Dozens of actions, thousands of people, 40 million internet reach. We did it – the president has vetoed the reform. Twice.


Instead of a newspaper, we have a TikTok account. We have created TikTok media targeted at generation Z with MamPrawoWiedzieć.pl. Our editorial team publishes interviews and news from the political world that already have over 60 million impressions.

Stefan Batory Foundation

We have been supporting our friends at Stefan Batory Foundation in the aspect of strategy and communication for many years. Lately, we have created for them a campaign together with Maciej Stuhr: donate 1% of your tax for democracy.

Profile by Pacyfika

How can NGOs collect more donations from 1.5% tax? Our experts on statistics, machine calculation and field research have developed a unique system that allows precise profiling of donors for whom a campaign is planned.

Unbeatable women

Broken Christmas ornaments are shocking. How about women? For the Raduga Foundation, we created a strategy on the basis of which the agency "Pomysły" created a Christmas campaign launching a unique support program for victims of violence in Poland.


Meeting in good company and talking about important topics? Together with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation and Google, we organize Impuls – a one of a kind cycle of master-classes with global authorities in the Polish intellectual landscape.


We want the internet to be a safe place. That’s why we have conducted for Jigsaw the biggest in Poland campaign sensitizing the audience to online manipulation. Our reach: TikTok - 34 MLN, Meta - 58 MLN, YouTube - 30 MLN.

Born in EU

The European Union is boring. That’s a fact. So, how can we strengthen European identity among young people? We introduce to you our project Born in EU, with over 16 million views on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.


Thanks to our campaign for Opora, Ukrainians residing in Poland can find out where and how to give testimony on war crimes that will be collected and used to judge russians before the International Court of Justice. We managed to collect over half a thousand testimonies.

Janka Ochojska

Entering the politics by an icon of Polish humanitarian aid without losing their image is difficult. We appointed the staff, created a campaign strategy, election geography, and advanced microtargeting. Effect: 4th result in Poland.

KPH x Facebook

We support LGBTQIA+ people. We did an action for KPH and Facebook in which 17 LGBTQIA+ people spoke on how to deal with difficult situations and psychologists gave advice. The campaign reached every Facebook user in Poland.

Wolne sądy

What to do when the police stop you? For Wolne Sądy (Free Courts), we created and produced a viral video about civil rights during detention. Over 3 million views.

Selected clients and partners

Who are we?

Paweł Cywiński


PhD in social sciences, lecturer at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Warsaw, co-creator of post-turysta.pl, uchodzcy.info‍ and Chlebem i Solą. Co-founder of Janka Ochojska's campaign for the European Parliament and Szymon Hołownia's presidential campaign. Besides: he visited every fourth country in the world.

Filip Katner


Lawyer, social activist, entrepreneur, advisor, strategist for social marketing and politics. Co-creator of 6 election campaigns, including: Róża Thun, Rafał Trzaskowski, Janka Ochojska and the presidential campaign of Szymon Hołownia. Co-owner of the Wozownia bar in Warsaw in Plac Trzech Krzyży and the Lupo restaurant.

Grzegorz Markowski


Since 2007, he has been involved in brand consulting (Strategy Director at DDB Warsaw and also currently a Partner at CPC Brand Consultants). He created a brand and communication strategy for such clients as: Play, Grupa Żywiec, Skoda, McDonalds and many others. He participates in radio and television programs (currently TVN 24: Szkło Kontaktowe, TVN24GO "Bardzo Bardzo Serio" and Mornings on Radio Nowy Świat).”

Ida Nowak

Head of Projects

A philologist-culturist by education, a handler by vocation. Editor of Kontakt magazine. Creatively engaged under the pseudonym Ida Dzik. Likes fiction, hedgehogs and holidays on the Baltic Sea at any time of the year.

Hanna Frejlak

Head of Research & Analysis

Cultural anthropologist, editor of Kontakt magazine. During her studies, she conducted research in Warsaw's conservative Catholic community and among refugees from West Africa in Sardinia. Involved in various pro-refugee activities. Has a cat called Halina.

Julia Święch

Head of Gen Z Team

Campaigner and activist. Worked in the communication and production team for the campaigns of Robert Biedroń and Zuzanna Rudzińska-Bluszcz. Co-created Anja Rubik's #SEXEDPL campaign. In 2021, she became a finalist of the nationwide Make TikToks Contest. Author of articles for i.a. OKO.press and Wysokie Obcasy.

Matylda Szempruch

Researcher & Project Manager

MA in Gender and Postcolonial Studies (Utrecht University) with internship at Women on Web. Editor of G'rls ROOM magazine. In this world, she values: social commitment, funny things, pastries and cats.

Szymon Grela

Project Manager

Former journalist, co-creator of the OKO.press portal, he has also published in Gazeta Wyborcza, gazeta.pl, Krytyka Polityczna and others. Then political advisor for strategy and communication, co-created several nationwide election campaigns. Sociologist, graduated from the University of Cambridge.

Katia Molak

Project Manager

A psychologist by education, a business consultant by vocation. During her studies at the University of Warsaw, she co-organized conferences on sexology and prepared students for statistics exams. At McKinsey, she focused on topics related to culture and organizational structure. Once in her life, she worked as a vegan pastry chef.

Aleksandra Walczak

New Media Specialist & Content Designer

Member of the Akcja Menstruacja foundation, where she deals with communication, mainly TikTok. Journalism student. Both creates online content on menstrual poverty and civic education, and collaborates with influencers. Spends a lot of time on the floor of the train on the Warsaw-Szczecin route.

Maciej Kałaska

Data Lab Expert

PhD in earth sciences, lecturer at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Warsaw, chairman of the Warsaw Branch of the Polish Geographical Society. Spatial analyst (GIS) and researcher of issues related to environmental justice, cities and tourism. Creator of interactive educational materials and manager of several projects on global education. He visited 50 countries on 5 continents.

Maja Słówko

Campaign Manager

An activist, who seeks out spaces to discuss important matters. She co-organized events at the Contemporary Theater in Szczecin. She participated in activist movements and collectives. She is constantly looking for new challenges and inspirations.

Aleksander Lipski Reinstein

Audio Visual Project Manager

Videographer, columnist and journalism student at Collegium Civitas. Participated in Anja Rubik's #SEXEDPL social campaign and co-created the Dziewuszki Dziewuszkom social media. His essays and texts have been published by the university and Teatr Studio. In his spare time he listens to Radiohead.